Ayurveda is the ancient science and medicine of life. Rooted in the laws of nature, it is one of the oldest self-healing medicines in the world. Originating from India as the Mother of yoga, Ayurvedic philosophy and practices help bring balance and harmony to our whole being.  


how does it work? 

Each person comes into this life as a unique mixture of constitutional elements. These elements comprise what is referred to as the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Every person is born with a natural constitution known as his or her Prakriti. It is made of one, two or three Doshas. Throughout the ebb and flow of life, we experience both physical and emotional events that affect the natural balance of the doshas. Often after such experiences, we are left feeling stressed, disconnected, and depleted with low “Ojas,” our immune boosting life force. Ayurveda empowers the individual to identify the doshas that are vitiated or out of balance, and helps to define a road map back to one’s natural state of being. Through this self-healing medicine, we are able to examine our lifestyles and daily routines integrating an array of practices that bring emotional, physical and mental harmony back into our lives.

W E L L N E S S   O F F E R I N G S 

Healing for balance, vitality and full living.  


Wellness: diet & lifestyle counseling 

How we eat, what we eat, our daily rituals and routines - these all affect our mental and physical wellbeing. Often we aren't aware of how we could take better care of ourselves. Wellness counseling offers an initial Ayurvedic Consultation to discover the nature of your being - your Prakruti or original constitution. Through tongue & pulse diagnosis, and analysis of long-term tendencies, we better understand constitutional make-up.  With this information, we work together to create a toolkit of practices through Diet & Nutrition, Lifestyle, Yoga, Meditation, and additional healing modalities that promote holistic balance. 



ayurvedic yoga therapy

Rooted in Classical Yoga Therapy, this personalized practice is designed with the intention to remedy imbalances and promote harmony. Through this guided sequence of Asana poses and Pranayama breathing exercises, one can direct the flow of energy within the body, release blockages, pacify vitiated doshas to encourage peace and health of body, mind and spirit. 60 to 90 minute sessions with hands-on adjustments and integration of sensory healing modalities.

marma Chikitsa healing

An energetic tune-up, marma therapy is the potent bodywork of release and renewal through touch, light pressure or tuning fork vibrations placed on vital energy points of the body. 60 minute sessions offer healing on the physical and subtle layers of one's being. Benefits include stress reduction, pain relief, improved digestion, increased immunity, better sleep, and balancing of doshas.