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APRIL 22-29, 2017


The feminine spirit is as powerful as it is divine. As we move through life, we can become distanced from this source. Spend a week reconnecting in the hidden paradise of Laguna de Apoyo in beautiful Nicaragua. With the support of sisterhood and Mother nature, this weeklong ceremony includes daily yoga + meditation, fun and inspiring workshops, plenty of immersion with the natural elements, and sacred space to rediscover all that you are. Join Gaby and Sloane as we reclaim that which is healing, sacred, wildly abundant, and truly empowering - the love of the Woman. 

Secure your spot with a $300 deposit! Full payment $1500 due March 1.



  • 7 nights shared occupancy at the eco oasis boutique, Apoyo Lodge located on Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
  • Roundtrip airport shuttle service
  • Daily sunrise moonset meditation
  • 2 yoga sessions per day: Vinyasa + Yin/Restorative
  • 3 gourmet, whole food, plant-based meals per day
  • Heart opening cacao + New Moon ceremony
  • Workshops cultivating self love + sisterhood
  • Hiking excursion to the Sacred Mombacho Volcano 
  • Gift bag curated with love


Included in Accommodation:

  • Daily cleaning service - all linens and beach towels provided 
  • 24 hour security
  • Wifi - though we recommend you log off, if possible
  • Hot water
  • All natural toiletry products






Gaby Colletta, RYT 500 

Whether on or off the mat, Gaby teaches yoga as the journey of rediscovering one’s true nature. By inviting subtle awareness and love-inspired intention into each movement, yoga becomes a cathartic and empowering practice. Her classes are rooted in strong Vinyasa, with an emphasis on self-exploration and soulful expression. Her sequences are dynamic, energetic and unexpected while using the power of the breath to move through each asana in one fluid dance. Centered on an intention, incorporating mindfulness and drawing inspiration from the natural world, philosophers, poets and thought leaders, Gaby’s style encourages creativity and positive transformation of the body, mind and spirit.  

Gaby is a 500-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. The foundation for her teachings has grown from a diversity of experiences. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Media, Culture & Communications from New York University. With a curiosity for understanding the beautiful complexity of the mind, she found herself working in advertising. Witnessing the insatiable patterns of modern society, she was inspired to leave her corporate job in pursuit of finding ways to reveal the existing happiness that resides in humanity’s heart. Her greatest education is in the shared experiences of different cultures and people. She volunteered her way across Southeast Asia and Europe, drove her car into the heart of the Earth, learned from the land and the lessons nature has to offer. In 2014, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training rooted in Classical Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa. In 2016, she went on to study Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy through the California College of Ayurveda. Her advanced training took her into the depths of Tantric Philosophy. Gaby has been a practicing yogini for over nine years.

 When she is not leading yoga classes, she’s off hiking in the mountains, rock climbing, shooting photography or scribbling poems on napkins in a far corner of the world. 


Sloane Gerritzen, RYT 200 

Seattle-born, everywhere-raised, I am a living testimony of Yoga as medicine.  I believe that nobody is broken or weak.

At the brink of what I refer to as my quarter life crisis, I met Yoga. My mat became my cure from years of looking for answers and remedies in all the wrong places.  After only a few yoga classes, it clicked--I knew it was my purpose to share this sacred space with as many others as I can. Years later, again and again, I return to my mat and rediscover Truth.  With backgrounds in education, psychology, and dance, my classes are rhythmic, accessible, and as playful as they are deep. I love guiding my students on their unique healing journeys through classes that are strong and sweaty, slow and soft, and everything in between. However we choose to move on our mats, the effects are always transformative medicine. This is why I keep coming back, and why I am here to help you do the same. We are all inherently brave, strong, and whole!

When I am not studying Yoga, I am on the hunt for empty beaches or dense forests. I am a firm believer in exploring every corner of our earth, feeling everything, loving more, and including peanut butter in all meals. Wine and chocolate can come, too.

Learn more about Sloane at:


A week in jungle to gather, reconnect, and rediscover. Through yoga, meditation, creative workshops, and plenty of time with Mother Nature, each day will circle around themes that will tune your chakras, explore the archetypal feminine in parallel to your own journey, and reunite your soul with the natural elements for a more harmonious life. Awaken to your inner knowing. Inspiration is everywhere. In sacred sister circle, we see, we know, we rise.

Schedule is subject to change based on the rhythms of the group.


Apoyo Lodge 

A health and wellness hotel located in the tranquil oasis of Lake Apoyo. Guests describe the lodge as "the perfect place to unplug from the outside world" to further remove themselves from daily distractions in order to connect with their highest selves in the natural world. Lake Apoyo is an ideal location to escape the daily distractions of city life and reacquire a connection with your true self in the stillness and tranquility that the nature reserve offers. The water of the lagoon is believed to have special healing properties and is coined as “the jewel of Nicaragua.”



Nourish your body with seasonal organic plant-based whole foods found locally in Nicaragua and to promote mindful plant-based eating. Meals at the lodge are a raw-cooked fusion incorporating plant-based whole foods which come from the Earth. All meals are free of meat, dairy, refined sugars, gluten and oils (local cold-pressed coconut oil is used in cooked and raw dessert dishes). 

Strong emphasis is placed on incorporating whole foods into all dishes such as local dark leafy greens, herbs, veggies, tropical fruits, fermented foods, sprouts, nuts and seeds. All sauces, dips and salad dressings are always homemade and made daily with only the freshest ingredients. Processed, packaged and canned food stuffs are avoided at all costs. 

Unlimited mineral-rich drinking water, local bananas + organic limes  are provided daily and a medicinal herbal tea is offered each morning. Coffee is not served at the lodge, alternatively a heart-opening cacao elixir with homemade coconut or nut milk and option to use local honey as sweetener is provided instead. 



The sacred lagooN 

The BeLOVEd Retreat is held on the shore of the Apoyo Lagoon, a natural reserve and the caldera of an extinct volcano. The world whispers many lessons. There is something powerful and transformative about the quality of water, it's cleansing and purification that allows for a rebirth or renaissance of one's spirit.  Not to mention that this lagoon is not any old lake, but it was once a mountain and is now reaching the deepest point in all of Central America. Redefinition at its' core and the ability to transform and galvanize one's being was the empowering message we found in this land.

What is the divine feminine?  

Divine Feminine Spirit is Source. She is creation that feeds potential. She is that place deep within us that is eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful. She is intuition. The Divine Feminine rises to the surface when a woman dons the role of mother, of sister, of she who nurtures and protects with the strength and endurance that is simply unmatched by her counterpart. She is Mother Earth, who provides for us all.

What we find so saddening about her Spirit is how buried she has become to so many. There was a time when Oracles and Shamans – those who connected humans with other realms, who were approached when humans desired guidance – were solely women. Then she became buried and nearly forgotten. She is always ready to rise and guide, but the key is in opening our eyes to the signs and allowing her voice to be heard. We keep denying our truth and our power, but if we allow this Divine Spirit to rise, we have every ability to heal, feel whole, and consciously manifest.